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Mills MechanicalAbout Us

Mills Mechanical is a family owned business that focuses on quality workmanship, ethical behavior and absolute honesty. Our clients are what matter the most and we go the extra mile every time to ensure your job is done right, on time and on budget.

My name is Allen Mills, I started my own business, Mills Mechanical; after working hands on in the field for well over a decade here in the lower mainland. After seeing the type of unethical behavior and practices that were taking place day to day with countless other service providers I decided that I needed a change.

I had two choices leave the field and trades that I loved to be involved in; as I refused to work as an employee with any company big or small that made it’s number one goal taking advantage of customers. Over-billing, billing for work that had never been performed and outright fraudulent activities were taking place all around me on a daily basis.

While I never took part in any type of unethical or illegal activity, countless other people were and still do today.

I needed to make a tough choice, and one I was nervous about making; but I decided to start my own company. My goal was and continues to be delivering the highest quality of workmanship on every job I take on, while ensuring my customers are treated fairly, billed honestly and given a finished product that I would be proud of having in my own home, for my own family.

While we certainly are able to take on several different type of jobs, ones in which I specialize in are as follows:

  • Safety Inspections of your heating and HVAC equipment
  • Repairs to HVAC Equipment, Fireplaces, Hotwater Tanks & Systems, Boilers, Heat Pumps, etc
  • New Plumbing Installations and Plumbing repairs
  • Carbon Monoxide Testing & Monitoring equipment installation
  • Natural Gas Leak Detection and Repairs
  • Instant (On Demand) Hot Water System Installations
  • Natural Gas Fireplace Installations, Servicing and repairs.
  • New Home Heating & Gas Inspections
  • Free Estimates & Second Opinions
  • Residential, Commercial & Industrial Heating System Services & Repairs
  • Water Filtration System Installations
  • Home Renovations
  • Gas Line Fitting, Installations and Servicing
  • BBQ Box Installations
  • Natural Gas Conversion
  • General Contracting Services

A little bit about myself and my experience:

Early 1990′s: In the early 90′s I started as summer help in a well known HVAC company. From thereI learned many different skills and over the next 5 years I perfected many of them with literally thousands of hours of first hand experience in countless number of challenging and complex working scenario’s.

Late 1990′s: I joined a very successful gas and custom fireplace manufacturing & installation company. There I learned a lot about cutting edge fireplaces, custom design and proper installation methods.

As my search for more knowledge and education, I found myself working for a family run heating company. Here not only did I learn a great deal about heating but the importance of a family run business and quality customer service.

After the loss of my mom to cancer, I took some much needed away and that where the idea of Mills Mechanical Ltd started to take shape. I joined a commercial / industrial HVAC company and worked there for a few years while I continued to expand my ideas about starting my own company into action. I now had a set game plan on how to make Mills Mechanical work, and offer customer an outstanding level of service, service and ethical integrity.

I decided to work in the plumbing heating and gas sector and went to work for yet another family owned & operated business. After several years there I knew no matter how close I was with the staff and customers that I had to go my own way. It felt like now or never for Mills Mechanical and so I left and took all the years or experience with me but also the ability to change the things in the field that I don’t agree with, as I have outlined above.

My goals for Mills Mechanical are to Keep It Simple and give customers like yourself an unheard of level of first hand working experience, exceptional quality of work and pricing that is both honest and ethical, the same principals I live my life by. I treat every customer like a part of my extended family and do what I say when I say I will…

If you need help with any of the services we provide, feel free to contact me today, and see first hand why the customers I work with today tell me that they wish they knew about me 20 years ago…

My goal is your absolute satisfaction and ensuring the safety and security of your family and loved ones is looked after by an exceptional level of workmanship every time..


We are consumers too, and no one wants or needs the sticker shock with a bill that you were not expecting… Before we start working on your job we speak to you about your exact needs and ensure clear pricing for your job, work doesn’t start until you feel that you completely understand what is going to take place.

We don’t keep you in the dark, we shine a spotlight on your services and help you understand our process every step of the way…


At Mills Mechanical our highly experienced, licensed and bonded technicians are exceptionally polite, clean cut and will show you & your home they show their own family and home.

We wear protective shoe covers when entering your home, utilize professional working mats and clean up after ourselves ensuring with the care to attention and detail we put into all the work we perform…


We are professionals and take what we do incredible seriously, while taking extensive pride in the services we are able to offer ensuring the safety and well being of your family. We guarantee your satisfaction, it’s just that simple… We do the just right the first time, on-time and on budget….

If you’re looking for a new HVAC system, servicing or repair you owe it to yourself to speak to one of our professional’s today.

At Mills Mechanical we do not sub-contract out your job, we do it with pride ourself with our own highly experience and qualified licensed and bonded installers, technicians and trades people.

We guarantee your satisfaction and the job is done right the first time, on time and on budget.

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