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Boiler Installations & Repairs

Boiler Repair

What are Boilers and How Do They Work?

A boiler is a heating system component of non-forced air heating systems. Boiler produce what is often to referred to as “wet heat”. A boiler set-up produces either hot water or steam which is piped into a home or commercial building which provides a very even and comfortable degree of heating.

Boilers systems do not blow forced air like a traditional furnace setup, but instead provide what is regarded as a radiant heating solution.

Typically new technology boilers range in efficiency levels from 80% to 90%, older boilers from decades pass will typically yield an efficiency rating of 50% to 60%. As with newer technology furnaces and HVAC systems as higher efficiency boiler set up will help dramatically just your utility expenses and provide a safe, reliable heating solution for your home or business.

At Mills Mechanical we install, service and repair Boilers and Boiler system set-ups for both residential and commercial applications. With years of experience we’ve worked on nearly every type of issue that can arise. Our level of experience and technical hands on experience is second to none and you can be assured our services will last the test of time.

Whether your in the market for a new boilers installation, maintenance serving or repair the staff here are Mills Mechanical Ltd will ensure your job is done right the first time and on budget.


We are consumers too, and no one wants or needs the sticker shock with a bill that you were not expecting… Before we start working on your job we speak to you about your exact needs and ensure clear pricing for your job, work doesn’t start until you feel that you completely understand what is going to take place.

We don’t keep you in the dark, we shine a spotlight on your services and help you understand our process every step of the way…


At Mills Mechanical our highly experienced, licensed and bonded technicians are exceptionally polite, clean cut and will show you & your home they show their own family and home.

We wear protective shoe covers when entering your home, utilize professional working are mats and clean up after ourselves ensuring with the care to attention and detail we put into all the work we perform…


We are professionals and take what we do incredible seriously, while taking extensive pride in the services we are able to offer ensuring the safety and well being of your family. We guarantee your satisfaction, it’s just that simple… We do the just right the first time, on-time and on budget….

If you’re looking for a new HVAC system, servicing or repair you owe it to yourself to speak to one of our professional’s today.

At Mills Mechanical we do not sub-contract out your job, we do it with pride ourself with our own highly experience and qualified licensed and bonded installers, technicians and trades people.

We guarantee your satisfaction and the job is done right the first time, on time and on budget.

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